Nail art is the latest fashion trend. 

Nail art is the art of using different materials to decorate the nails of someone. The technology of today allows one to display the designs they choose on their nails. The nails are no longer just keratin layers, but can now be used to express creativity. This article explores nail art, from its history to the different types that are in fashion today.

In the past, one could only do a simple manicure or pedicure. Henna was also an option. Today, only your imagination limits the type of art you can display on your nails. Nails are now a canvas on which you can display your creativity, in any way that appeals to you, from the many options available. Now, people are trying to match the color of their nails with the colors of the season and their dress. Today, nail art is a must for any occasion – whether it’s for a party, wedding, school, office, or if you are just out with your friends.

Japan is credited with the origin of modern nail art. Japanese nail artists like ErikoKurosaki and Junco Ogava are well-known around the globe. Nail art designs made with Henna were very popular in ancient India. Indian tribes were famous for their nail art.

In the past decade, nail art has gained popularity around the world. Nail art is a popular fashion statement, whether it’s on one’s feet or the toes.

Features of Nail Art

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Nail art studios have sprung up around the world to offer more professional and elaborate designs. It is understood painting the nail. Nail art is a broad term that includes a variety of alternatives.

Paint on the nail art

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Painting the nails traditionally meant a simple coat or nail polish. Today, there are many different designs that you can paint on your nails. These designs range from geometrical and flowery ones to very creative ones.

Painting the nails can be a complex process, which is best performed by an experience nail artist. The nails must first be clean, and any dead skin or cuticles around the nail are remove. A white base coat will make the design pop. The base coat skipped if a natural look is desire. Then, add a layer of activation varnish to the top. This will ensure that your design dries fast. The design is then painted onto the nail. Bright colors like red, black, silver, gold and blue are preferred to lighter shades.

Digital nail painting is the newest innovation in this. The client can now have any image they want reproduced on their nails. The design is scanned and then entered into the computer. The client must put their hands in the machine after the activation coat is applied to the nails.

A clear varnish coat applied over the design will ensure that it will last for a long time.

2) Applying embellishments

Some people decorate their nails with different types of embellishments. The nail decorated with anything, including glitter, beads or feathers. You can use semi-precious or precious embellishments.

There are also tiny stickers that used to create a beautiful design on the nails.

Paint and different kinds of decoration used to create nail art. Some of the most popular combinations are paint and stickers, glitter and paint.

3) Piercing:

Another form of nail arts, Nail Piercing, is very popular today. This is the act of piercing a nail in a similar fashion to piercing any other part of the body and then wearing jewelry.

In general, tiny rings or other small pieces of jewelry are use for nail piercings. In India, wearing ghungroos is a fad.

4) Acrylic Nails:

Acrylic nails are a great way to make your nails look longer and more beautiful. Acrylic nails are apply to the natural nails, making them appear longer. These nails look very natural if they are polish and smoothened.

Acrylic nails can hide flaws in the natural nails. This kind of these nails hide the fact that a person’s nails are chip. Acrylic nails used in everyday life without any problems.


It is a fact that nail art is gaining popularity and prevalence in every country. That kind of art is women’s exclusive prerogative, despite it is growing popularity as an artistic form. Men are not as interested in it. Women of middle age are increasingly choosing nail art. Women who work prefer to have nail art with sober colors and designs.

It is important to select a nail arts studio with a good reputation and reputable artists to ensure the process is safe and hygienic. Check that all paints, jewelery and embellishments used in the nail arts studio are compliant with local health and safety regulations. You can have beautiful, fashionable nails and still be safe and healthy if you follow these simple steps.


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